A brief search online will pull up hundreds of advertisements for credit repair services anywhere from $50 to $200 a month that promise to fix your credit, but all they seem interested in is your MONEY instead of helping YOU. In reality, they aren't doing anything magical or mysterious that you can't learn to do yourself. With a little coaching, you too can learn these same life-skills, save the monthly fees, and take control over your financial destiny YOURSELF - for the rest of your life. That’s how to be EMPOWERED!   

   Managing your credit can seem like a daunting task, with online financial scams running rampant it may seem very intimidating to even attempt to search for legitimate solutions to your specific needs. You may have all kinds of questions, from basic to complex: What is a credit report?  Why do credit scoring companies exist and what do they do?  Should I be concerned about the Equifax security breach?  How do I protect myself?  How do I know what websites to trust?  Where can I find more financial resources?  How can I leverage these resources to better my credit-worthiness? 

How Viking Financial Resources can help

   Wouldn’t it be helpful to just sit down with someone who has already navigated these treacherous waters, who could provide you with clear directions to greener financial pastures? Someone who has absolutely no material interest in your personal financial information as a basic premise of trust?

   This is possible by investing in a comprehensive, focused training/coaching session specifically tailored to your individual credit situation. You will learn the information and techniques needed to understand your credit profile, leverage online tools for disputing inaccuracies on your reports, and create an individualized roadmap to improving your financial outlook.

   My name is Eric, and I will be your guide on the start of this journey to fiscal freedom. I’ve already done most of the work for you – now YOU need to take the next step by investing in yourself – to take charge of your future!

Just a few more details...

   You will need a computer with Microsoft Office (or use Google Docs) and I can meet you at your home or a public venue, whichever you are most comfortable with. I would prefer to work with you on YOUR machine, such as a laptop – again, I don’t want your financial information, I just want to help you learn these skills so that YOU can use them the rest of your life!   

   Sessions available for individuals, couples, military, or groups.

   What Viking Financial Resources is not:

  • A credit repair service
  • A bill consolidation service
  • A lender or a bank
  • A salesman trying to sell you something, like insurance or Tupperware.
  • A magic genie in a bottle (I wish!)


  • Individuals, $195
  • Couples, $295
  • Groups of 3 or more, $CALL
  • Rate will be customized based on attendance.

   Please call, email, or hit the "Drop us a line" button on the main page to contact me direct and find out how to get started.