My name is Eric Rasmussen and I have over 20 years of experience in the financial industry. As a result of filing bankruptcy in 2002, I learned through real life experience what not to do with money. Although now I have recovered from that chapter in my life, the journey is far from over – there are still many goals to obtain and challenges associated with them. 

   Although I have a license to market life insurance I want to make one thing very clear: I’m not selling anything! No quick credit repair ‘solutions’, insurance scams, or anything like that. I simply know what it is like to hit the bottom financially and just want to help others begin to rebuild their financial track record so they can accomplish their goals.

Relationships Matter

   Start now by building a relationship with a partner you can trust. “How do I know you are trustworthy?” you might ask. Great question! I have no material interest in your financial information (social security number, income, etc.) whatsoever! Sure, we’ll look at your individual needs, but I don’t retain any of it.

   We’ll work on your computer so that you fully understand all of the steps involved. I’ll also show you the skills you need in addition to providing helpful advice so that you can take control of your financial destiny YOURSELF. That, my friend, is empowerment!

Let's get introduced!

   As a good-will gesture, I’d like to meet with you for 30 minutes at no charge at all. I’ll explain in more detail how my knowledge and experience can help with your specific goals, and you can make an educated decision on how best to proceed – with no pressure or obligation.

   Use the button on the bottom of the home page to send an email and request a time and place to meet - or better still, call me directly – I’d love to help you get started today!