The new year is coming...

Don't make more empty resolutions

Learn the skills you need to set a new direction in 2018 for your finances and credit, and get out of the same old ruts and traps!

Can't see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Viking can help you find it!  You'll learn all the skills needed to save money, boost your credit score, and improve your financial wellbeing!

It starts with a plan

You'll receive a customized plan specific to your needs and goals.  A complete analysis of all three credit reports will allow you to find the specific areas that need improvement and construct a plan to move forward.

We value Integrity and Trust

All of your sensitive financial information stays with you.  Viking Financial Resources does not record or keep any of it.

Start your New Year on the right footing

Call today to set up the best time and place to meet - reset your course for 2018!